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this blog is belonged to a handsome boy. he is still finishing his thesis in a famous university in Java. he needs your help( by praying for) in finishing the thesis. you can make a chat with him in his yahoo messenger at

your comment will very helpful for the development of this blog

thank you for visiting this blog.

this blog is dedicated for all the Muslim struggler in this world. May Allah always bless us. amiin

about blog owner:

name : hakan danker (not real name)

favorite books : siroh nabawiyah (al mubarokfury) , kitab tauhid (Fauzan al Fauzan), ibadah sepenuh hati (Amru Khalid), sifat sholat nabi (al albani)

novel : da vinci code, a thousand splendid suns, demon and angels,


5 responses

  1. Assalamu ‘alaikum Wr. Wb.

    Hello Guy, How are you? sure… Iam pleasure to meet you, this blog is very nice.
    salam kenal dariku Ahmed. ana uhibbuka fillah.
    eh ngomong ngomong kampanye anti rokoknya keren juga, sku jg pingin mengkampanyekan itu, ajari aku dong…. sure aku tunggu jawabannya.

    salam blogger

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